Bid for Your Customers

PreviousBACK being the best home auction site in Canada/Alberta has intelligent methods through which agents can register in the website and find properties for their clients. They can earn commission, called Buyer Agent Fee by buying properties. However, you don't have to link your credit card prior to bidding. But it is mandatory to pre-qualify your customers; the customers themselves must view each property before they place a bid. In case, you are acting on the behalf of your client, you must first register as an agent.

As an agent, you can visit the home auctions in Canada/Alberta and bid for your customers in the following manner:
  1. Register as a Licensed Agent on the website; you can click here to register
  2. Select 'Licensed Agent' as your 'Type Of User' option.
  3. Log into browse through the home auction list in Canada/Alberta
  4. Bid and Confirm
To know more about the bidding, click here for How to Bid video tutorial , or click How to Bid.

A work of caution: You can bid as a 'Proxy Bidding' in order to keep your client's highest bid confidential. This would protect you and your client. Click here to know about Proxy Bidding.