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What is Bidwin.org? 

Bidwin.org is the first online marketplace for real estate auction in Canada. Its innovative auction platform ( patent pending ) is a complete solution for real estate( high value assets) to be transacted via Internet. It is also a network that connects real estate agents, auctioneers, sellers and buyers. By embodying enhanced seller verification, bidder verification, bidder qualification and bidding process, bidwin.org's auction platform makes an online real estate marketplace more transparent, more efficient, more fair. It also embodies modified auction rules specifically for online real estate transaction to make that happens. Bidwin.org's platform is designed to keep agent at the center of the real estate transaction: (1) All properties on bidwin.org are required to have a listing agent, no FSBOs are allowed; (2) Buyer agent co-operation is welcome. Bidwin.org is an open marketplace where all real estate agents and brokers can sell via online auctions. Here is How It works.

Who is behind Bidwin.org? 

bidwin.org is owned by Bidwin E-Commerce Ltd. Bidwin E-Commerce is based on western Canada, specialized in Online Real Estate Auction services.

Short Description

Buyer Knows Value

Mission / Vission

Bidwin's Mission is to change the way real estates are bought and sold: to change real estate transaction from Off-line Private Treaty Bargaining to On-line Bidding Auction, to provide sellers the most efficient, easy and reliable way to sell real estates, and to connect buyers with unique properties.

Founder & CEO & Software Developer:

Robin Liu
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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