Privacy Policy

Bidwin E-Commerce Ltd and associated corporate entities keep your personal information a comprehensive and detailed manner. This privacy policy reflects this and has been created under the guidelines of the XXXXX.ACT. Our policy applies to any information that we obtain from you, its storage, use, and how the information may be disseminated to third parties in the course of our activities on your behalf.

By your accessing and use of this Website, any information you provide to us is covered under this policy.


Use of this site by Minors
In order to apply our privacy policy to individuals under the age of 18 you must obtain permission, consent, and be under the supervision of a parent or guardian who will be responsible for your usage of this Website.


Obtaining Additional Information
If you have any questions or if you would like to get more information on this or any other items covered under this policy please contact the appropriate people in our Website whose contact information may be found in section 11 of this document.

Section 1. The collection of personal information on this Website.
In order to serve you better we may ask you to provide us with your contact information, which could include the following:

Full Name
Phone Number
Your Home Address
Family Details
Credit Card Information
Banking Information


In addition, we may also require the following documentation and/or information that include:

Copies of some form of photo identification such as your driver’s license, passport, and Medicare Identification Card (MID)


Current value of your property


Details of previous services that you either have purchased or have inquired about from Bidwin Ltd. in the past along with any information that we deem necessary in order to fulfill our obligations and deliver the requested services


This includes information provided by you that is directly related to the use of our Website on behalf of our personnel or third-party entities that we use in the pursuit of delivering services to you.


Information received through surveys or our customer service center

Any other information that is required to aid us in delivering service or services that you are requesting from us.

Whenever practical we will collect this information directly from you and may be done in various matters such as:

When you join the site


Logging onto our Website directly or through social media access


When you place a bid on a piece of property


When listing a piece of property or real estate development project


Subscribing to one of our newsletters, receiving alerts, downloading the brochures


Filling in any E-forms found on this Website


Completing any surveys or fact-finding requests


Becoming part in any promotions or contests on this Website or any of our third-party affiliates


Contacting us or any of our third-party service providers for requests, reporting of a problem, or seeking other assistance from our Website


Uploading information, posting, or other contributions to our Website


Any and all use of our services


Being a seller or an agent who is listing property on your behalf


Through any other form of electronic communication including but not limited to email, text messaging, social media, and voice communications

We may also collect information from other sources, such as:

Third-party affiliates or related corporate entities as defined in the corporations act of 2001


Credit Reporting Agencies


Real Estate Agencies and/or Brokers




Mailing Lists


Law Enforcement Agencies


Government Agencies and Representatives




Your Business Partners

Your Personal Representatives:

Financial Advisor


We may also collect information via third-party emails or other communications.


We will also obtain information from public sources of information including social media Websites.


We may also collect information when required to do so under the law and required by governmental regulating bodies.

All personal data that we or our third-party affiliates collect is done only as necessary to providing you with an online platform for the buying and selling of real estate.




Why do we do this?
We collect this information for the following reasons:

To verify your identity


Checking your eligibility for our services


Communicate with you via:

Email, mail, or telephone

Enhance or manage our services better


to give you a world-class experience in using our services


To provide required information as authorized by you in order to provide the services you have requested


Perform the necessary business methodology required to provide services to you


For use in marketing/direct marketing, promotional, QC and/or research by us or our third-party affiliates


Update your personal information as it changes


In the investigation of fraud, complaints made by or about you, Bidwin and/or our third-party affiliates


As required/permitted by law


Any information you provide about other people is accepted that you do you have obtained the proper permissions to do so and that this person has consented to the disclosure to us of that information for business purposes.

If we inadvertently receive information about you from other sources that we did not specifically ask you for and we have determined that we could have collected this information from you. We will notify you as soon as possible that we have obtained your personal information.

However, if we discover that we could not have obtained this personal data and destroy that data


We will never collect any information that reveals your race, political opinions, and ethnic/religious/philosophical beliefs


We will also not collect information on your group affiliations or any information on the status of your health or pre-existing medical conditions

However, the following exceptions do apply:

When/where, you have given express consent for us to do so in order for us to carry out various functions or activities on your behalf


As authorized or required by Canadian law or via court order


As required in a court case regarding legal claims

We will never collect personal information unless it is directly related to the execution of our Websites services on your behalf. If we are unable to collect any of the aforementioned information listed in this section that we require:

We may not be able to do business with you or the organization you represent and/or are connected to


This may also preclude us providing you with services that you have requested


This includes also areas of our Website that require you to be a registered user



Section 2. The use of Cookies
When you access this Website you may receive a "cookie", which is a small piece of code that resides in your browser’s data area, this helps us discover what services in various areas of our Website visitors are most interested in.

It will also allow us to identify you and help verify your access to the various secure areas of our Website. This information may also be used for marketing purposes and for completion of studies about the people who use our services. This information will be protected as covered in Section 1 covered previously.

Section 3. Use and disclosure of personal information
Our sole purpose in collecting and using your information is order to provide you with the best services possible on this Website. Your personal data is used only in the pursuit of that goal and to offer you additional services of which you may not be aware of.

We also may disclose some of your personal information under the following conditions:


Ensure that the content from this Website is presented to you in the most effective manner possible


Allow the automatic filling out of the electronic forms found on Websites linked to from us to help you make inquiries or select real estate agents


Verify your identity when you register or login to our Websites via your account and remind you of your password and username


In order to utilize the interactive features of our Website if and when you choose to do so


Enable us to carry out any contractual obligations that you have entered into with us


To aid in assessing your application for credit for the use of our services


In the event of default or nonpayment your information may be passed on to debt collection agencies for recovery of monies owed to us


Notify you about changes to our services and product line

We also will not disclose to any outside entity.

Except those that we've already outlined in this privacy policy in order to ensure that it will help us deliver services and products that you have requested and only with regard to the same services.

Along with that, your data may be disclosed to any entity as it relates to the maintenance and enhancement of this Website in the process of transferring data between servers and web hosting providers. As mentioned earlier it may also be disclosed to debt collectors, professional advisors such as solicitors, lawyers, and accountants.

From time to time, we also enlist the aid of business advisors and consultants.

Your data may also be disclosed to our current and future business agents/partners or other entities as we conduct or promote our services.

Finally, we will also only disclose information to third parties authorized by you to receive information held by us.

We will also release your information police and related authorities in the event we perceive that you have committed a breach of law or fraud in your business dealings with this Website or if we feel is necessary to comply with existing laws and regulations of Canada.

Section 4. Direct Marketing
Pursuant to the Spam Act of 2004, we may use personal information obtained from you in order to provide you with our services and authors, or promotions of which we believe may be of service to you in which we feel you are interested in receiving. This may be sent to you in various forms, such as email, mail and via telephone. We may also utilize texting and social media channels if you have provided them to us.

However, you may indicate the type of communication methods we use or at your request may opt out of any of them entirely.

Also, should you receive communications this you believe have been sent to you in the variance of this privacy policy may not be in accordance with existing laws.

Please contact us using the 'Contact Us ' Link found on the bottom our WebPages.

Section 5. The Accuracy and Updating of Your Personal Information

While we strive to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your personal information to avoid misleading you or our affiliates in the pursuit of providing you with the services and products you requested. This is not always possible.

If you believe, that information is incorrect and/or you wish to update your personal information.

Go to Section 11, where you will find out how to contact us and request changes.

Section 6. Third parties and your Personal Information
We have already covered how we handle and/or disclose your personal data to our third party affiliates. However, if there is a need to protect ourselves and/or others from injury or harm, we may divulge you data to requisite authorities.

We provide links to other Websites that assist us and/or offer complimentary services that you may link to from our site. However, our privacy policy does not cover the site and when you link to them you need to examine their policies, rules, and guidelines to find out what their usage of your personal information is handled.


Section 7. Disclosure of your information to Overseas Entities (OEs)
Pursuant to our Privacy Policy, we may send your information to our third-party affiliates in other countries in order to provide you with services products you have requested.

By providing your information to this Website, you have given implied consent for us to do this.

Section 8. Your consent
When you use our Website, you are giving implied consent to us using your information as outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Section 9. Security of This Website and your personal Information
While we take reasonable steps to ensure that, your data is totally protected we cannot guarantee 100% security in this age of Internet theft of data by rogue nations and highly sophisticated hackers.

If however, you feel your information has been compromised. Please contact us and we will take corrective action to further secure and correct the situation.

We will not keep your information beyond the time it is required for you to do business with our Website unless we are required under Canadian law or a court order to do so. When you no longer require our services, we will take reasonable steps to delete all your pertinent information from our databases and archives.


Section 10. Changes to the Privacy Policy
From time to time, it may be deemed necessary to change the content and wording of this Policy. You should check this policy periodically for and changes that may have been made.

You continued use of this Website is considered implied consent to your understanding and compliance to these changes after they have been made.

Section 11. Access to your information
Should you require access personal information, we will respond to your request in a reasonable amount of time. You may also request changes to the information you have provided us. To Accomplice this please use the link provided at the bottom of the Webpage entitled 'Contact Us'.

However, any changes you ask for will be subject to our Privacy Policy and the exemptions thereof.

You may request further information on this in writing by addressing you concerns to:

Robin Liu
Bidwin E-Commerce Ltd
1235 Athabasca Street, Moose Jaw, Sask, Canada, S6H0N4

Or via email at